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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Unforgettable Embrace

Unforgettable Embrace by Joanne Clancy is the story of Rachel, a 30-ish Cork woman who doesn't lie around weeping (for long, anyway) when she breaks off her 14-year relationship with her childhood sweetheart; instead she finds herself in a big way.

I felt that I could hear the Irish brogue throughout the book, and I loved that.  That manner of speaking is so different than American slang and I thoroughly appreciated hearing the characters speak in my head.  It was positively lovely.

There is quite a bit happening in this piece, from Rachel's breakup to her road trip to finding new love (not so much a spoiler since you could guess by the title it involves romance) to happiness (again, same thing) to unexpected danger at the last minute.  I won't give away the details, since everyone deserves a chance to read for themselves.  Just know that it's twisty and curvy--just like life.

If you love intense description, this is definitely the book for you.  I found the often-occurring detail a bit too tedious and often found myself skimming; interesting in everyday life, yes, but a bit heavy for fun reading.  However, come for Rachel--positively messy and relentlessly open to who she might really be.

If you are interested in grabbing the book, it's on in ebook format on Smashwords: www.smashwords.com.

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  1. Hi Nicci,

    Thanks so much for your review. I'm glad you enjoyed it. My second book, Unfaithfully Yours is out in November.