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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Kris Jenner...and All Things Kardashian

I own it.  I checked it out from the library and relished every last tidbit of my book-candy-celebrity-autobiography.  I have no shame--I read a wide spectrum.  But I loooooove mid-grade reality TV and the stars that go with it.  So I hear Kris Jenner has a book coming out, Kris Jenner...and All Things Kardashian, and you best believe I get myself on the list to check it out immediately.

And immediately I did, and I reveled in the juiciness. To be honest, the book is not well-written if we are talking literature; the sentences are perfunctory and clipped with very little flair and expansion.  But to be fair, it's a celebrity autobiography.  It doesn't have to be well-written to be thoroughly enjoyed.

I reveled in her telling of how her family got to where they are and how hard she works, but the reason to pick up this book is Nicole Brown Simpson.  One of her best friends, Nicole and Kris were scheduled to have lunch the day after the now-infamous murders.  Kris was very close to OJ prior to the murders, and as we are all well aware, Kris's ex-husband Robert was one of OJ's defense attorneys.  The center section of this book is about the friendship and the loss, and I found this to be the most important, and most interesting, part of the book. 

Is it worth reading?  If you love reality tv, if you love celebrity autobiography, if you love a fun and juicy read, then absolutely, without-a-doubt-yes.

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