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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Admit One: Ten Steps to Choosing Your Acting or Musical Theatre College Program

Admit One: Ten Steps to Choosing Your Acting or Musical Theatre College Program by Chelsea Cipolla and John West is a hand book of the greatest proportions, and one that all high school students looking to join the ranks of prestigious alumni everywhere should use as their bible.  It's a step-by-step examination of how to about transitioning from being a high school star to further studying your craft in higher education.

The greatest piece of advice Cipolla and West offer happens to be in their preface.  I have seen this many times--young actors saying, "Why do I need to go to college?  I am super talented."  Well yes, I am sure you are, but you are in competition with highly trained people who have secured strong connections.  You need a training program and you need an education.  The authors here are adamant about this from the beginning, and it's wonderful to see.  They are encouraging while still being forthright.

When I say this guide is step-by-step, I mean it.  It goes through the nooks and the crannies, the details and the minutiae, and the do's and the don'ts of this crazy process called "college auditions."  It can be overwhelming and at times can feel exclusive, but this book demystifies the process--from simply deciding to go from the beginning to figuring out what you can afford.  Of course it hits the creative process as well, and each chapter has places for notes and enough margin area to take your own notes in.

It's a keeper for sure.

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