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Friday, December 23, 2011

O Little Town

O Little Town: A Novel by Don Reid was a lovely little novella to read while gearing up for the holiday season.  It's the story of a small town in 1958, and while everyone is gearing up for the most magical day of the year there is a lot going on.  The preacher's daughter is caught shoplifting, the preacher's wife is not as innocent as she wants you to think, the police captain's teenage daughter is expecting with a gentleman who is not her boyfriend, and all the while the townspeople are not perfect, it turns out.

All of these events are related if only because it's a small town.  There is a secondary story happening all the while involving a Christmas murder in 1904, and to be honest, it gets in the way of the main story.  If you are willing to look past that, however, this is a sweet story to read right before Christmas and to realize that, in the end, we are all just human with the hopes, dreams, and feelings that everyone else has.  It's a story of love and promise, of hope and joy in the little things.  Hold your family dear and know that in the end, kindness makes the world of difference.

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