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Monday, January 23, 2012

Never Let Me Go

A Man Booker Prize finalist?  A movie based on the story?  Positive review after positive review?  Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro it is, then!

Kathy narrates her story of growing up in Hailsham with her friends Tommy and with Ruth.  They are different children, raised for a specific purpose that they slowly learn as they grow older.  Their relationships with one another grow close and they grow apart, and the three mature (and don't) as their lives move on.  They fall in love, they fall out of love, they find themselves, and they learn how to cope with being donors in a world that depends on them.  As they grow into adults they begin to fulfill their purpose and slowly accept who they are.

What a lovely, stunning, and heartbreaking novel this was.  It doesn't take you too long to discover the secret that weaves through the underbrush of this book and it breaks your heart to know that these characters that you grow to love don't have much time.  My favorite moment comes in the third section when Kathy and Tommy admit they are meant to be together and try to prolong their time on this earth will tear your soul open.  I felt full yet so lost after finishing this novel, and that is what a fiction piece should aspire to install in us all.

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