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Monday, February 27, 2012

Back On Murder

I love a good crime story.  True crime, fake crime, whatever, just make sure someone's done gone went and got himself killed.  So I thoroughly enjoyed J. Mark Bertrand's Back on Murder.  This was an excellent travel book.  (This would also explain my week-long absence--I was traveling and needed a week to recover.)

Back on Murder is a Roland March mystery, meaning that March appears in more than one story by Bertrand.  I am OK with this since March is a flawed character and is kind of cool to boot.  This story starts with March in the doghouse at work--he is the "suicide cop," meaning that he is the first on the scene when a brother in blue offs himself.  However, he gets himself assigned to the missing persons task force of a lovely young church-going girl in Houston (after he is taken off a drug-house murder, possibly related) and he manages to get tangled up in several cases--all somehow related.  I won't give too much away as it's a tangled web of goodness and you must read it to understand it.

I was highly engaged in this mystery and I thoroughly enjoyed the characters.  The relationships were complex yet easy to relate to, and the secondary stories were also interesting and a tiny bit funny.  I appreciated a book set in Houston, seeing as how I just visited there.  This is definitely a pick-up if you love a good mystery and excellent storytelling, or if you just like complicated and flawed characters.  I love both.

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