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Friday, February 17, 2012

Stories I Only Tell My Friends

Happy Celebrity Memoir Friday!  This week I read Stories I Only Tell My Friends: An Autobiography by Rob Lowe, and I sunk my teeth into it.  Yes, faithful readers, he is good looking.  He is fit, handsome, and happily married.  I had a date with Rob Lowe this week.  And it was divine.

Ever wonder where the term "Brat Pack" comes from?  You will find out here.  Do you know Mr. Lowe's connection to 9/11?  You will find out here.  Did you know Mr. Lowe grew up with the Sheens?  You will find out here.  Want to know how he scored a hot wife?  I mean, besides looking at him?  You will find out here.

The bulk of the book focuses on his pre-The West Wing years but it is still interesting and worth a read if you love celebrity memoir/autobiography the way I do.  Of course it is colored by Mr. Lowe's telling his own stories, but it is certainly enjoyable.  The only complaint I have is in Mr. Lowe's desire to keep identities a secret until the end of his story section; for example, he tells a story about meeting a beautiful African-American actress on the set of his first TV show and tells us a story of their interaction.  Finally the woman says something like, "Well, if this doesn't work out I will just go into music like my brothers."  Then Mr. Lowe hits you with the name--Janet Jackson.  If he did this once or twice it would have impact, but by the sixth person/movie/event he does this for you want to say, "Ok, get on with it Rob!"

I enjoyed reading about his experiences on The Outsiders and The West Wing, and I was impressed at his desire to get and stay sober.  As far as Celebrity Memoir Friday goes, I say, "It's a win!"

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