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Monday, March 26, 2012

Latter-Day of the Dead

I was sold on Latter-Day of the Dead by Kevin Krohn the second I read "zombies" and "polygamy" in the description.  While not the biggest fan of zombie literature myself, I know that many of my close friends are and I am obsessed with Mormons so it's a wash, know what I'm saying?

A young man leaves his polygamist compound (much against the rules) to visit a strip club for the first time (beyond against the rules).  While there, he is bit in a very unfortunate location by a stripper who is clearly not right.  After going home he begins to feel and act not right himself--and slowly the compound doctor realizes what is happening.  Can he warn the compound in time?  Will they even believe him? 

It is no lie that I thoroughly enjoyed this book.  I find the whole idea of zombies to be so ridiculous that I love when someone takes the concept and goes as far as possible with it.  Krohn does exactly this.  I love how integrated the zombies were into the life of the polygamist compound, and it made me feel guiltily indulgent for wanting to sink my teeth into this story (pun completely intended). 

You can get this ebook on Amazon for $4.99.  Not a bad deal, I tell you!

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