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Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Pulphead by John Jeremiah Sullivan is a book of essays on Sullivan's thoughts and experiences on everything from Michael Jackson (I bet you have no idea why he named his children Prince--I DO!!!) to dealing with his brother's electrocution and subsequent recovery.  It was quite a lovely book for my day off last week.  I went to the local coffee shop, found out where all of the cool kids are in my 'hood, and read the whole thing.  Divine.

Sullivan's essays run the gamut from the above mentioned subjects to his trip to the world's largest Christian concert festival back around to a famous television show shooting in his house for half a decade.  Each essay is different in content but holds the same voice of the writer, making this collection just as interesting as it is eclectic.  I was humored, I was shocked (pun not intended), and I was satisfied.  I put this down contented in my happy day sitting in the sun soaking it up.

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