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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Shaman, Friend, Enemy

I enjoy books that focus on things I know absolutely nothing about--one of which is shamanism.  Hence my desire to read Shaman, Friend, Enemy by M. Terry Green.  It's a world I am completely unfamiliar with so I ran with this one.

It's the story of Livvy, the lightning shaman who only comes along once in a generation.  She heals people through the use of lightning that she can summon.  The only thing about shamanism is that it is not only used for good, but also for evil.  When a sketchy water shaman shows up to rid the world of Livvy, can Livvy fight back and win?  And what else has Livvy been up to and not sharing with her cohorts?

Overall I found this to be a fun read.  As I said earlier, I know absolutely nothing about shamanism so learning about that was interesting and eye-opening.  There is also a bit of summoning and conjuring (not the same thing!) going on in the book and I found that to be intriguing, particularly surrounding the reasons as to why it was happening (which you will not get out of me here!).  There were a few times where the first book in the series was referenced and since I didn't read it I was slightly confused, but this didn't happen enough for it to become a big complaint. 

As we come upon summer, I would totally recommend this book as a beach read (notice the new category for this on the right???).  You will be engrossed, you will be educated, and you will have a blast.  So what are you waiting for?  $0.99 on Amazon.  Go, and pick up the first book in the series (Shaman, Healer, Heretic) while you are at it.


  1. If you want to read a non fiction book about traditional Shamanism please enjoy
    "The Shaman Speaks" by Shaman Elder Maggie Wahls
    You can find it on Amazon.com
    Excellent! It can change your life in one read!

  2. Hey Nicole, Just wanted to pop in and say thanks for that fabulous review! I now have a book that's officially a beach read! :) All the best, Terry