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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Murder Takes Time

Once again, I shoot for the murder book because I love crime stories.  It's sick, I know, but I can't get enough.  Hence Giacomo Giammatteo's Murder Takes Time.

Tony, Nicky, Paulie, and Frankie are thick as thieves growing up--they have to be.  From an Italian neighborhood in New England, they run together, they steal together, and the protect one another.  When Nicky takes the fall for a fight, he ends up in prison for a decade.  He gets out, gets back together with the gang, and makes a decision that may cost him his life.  He fights back--hard.  Can the loyalty these four pledged as youngsters still be adhered to when the stakes are so high and revenge is needed? 

I just love murder fiction, and of course I love reading about the mob.  This book was an indulgence and a ton of fun to read.  I read it on the plane on the way home from a conference last week and it was the perfect setting--a couple of hours alone to dive in and take this book in like Peeps at Easter.

Giammatteo is a strong writer who has a solid sense of character and story structure.  The story is not linear in the sense of beginning-middle-end and this has to be done smoothly and clearly.  It totally is here.  I was able to keep up with the changing time frames and stay clear on the timeline of action.  My one hesitation is that this book gets a little long at times--it is very detailed.  However, I enjoyed the characters immensely and I understood their relationships.  Italians just get it, you know?  The love and devotion of family (related or not), the sense of honor and revenge, the belief in loyalty at all costs.  We just get it.

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