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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Girls In White Dresses

I had a long bus ride the other week so I picked up Jennifer Close's Girls In White Dresses for the ride.  I am so glad that I did.

A group of young ladies graduates from college and moves to New York City.  They grow up, their friends marry, they marry, some don't marry, kids come, jobs go, breakups happen, divorces happen, people move, and all the while they never feel old enough.  When is old enough, and how did we get here?

I absolutely enjoyed this book down to it's core.  It's not a terribly deep book, but it hit a cord with me.  These ladies age from 22 to about 35 or so, and I understand some of their experiences so deeply that I laughed and I...well, I didn't cry, but I could have if I were a more cry-like-person.  Sometimes the ladies were a bit too optimistic to actually be my friends, but what lady in NYC can't relate to horrible dates and bad decisions?

Seriously, this would make a fantastic park read or beach read this summer.  Revel in the meaningful coming-of-twenty-something-age story.  You will, I promise.

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