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Friday, July 20, 2012

Let's Pretend This Never Happened

Let's Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny Lawson, The Bloggess.  I will put in a disclaimer early on here that Jenny is hero of mine and my group of besties--we read her blog religiously, email about it, and pray that she will come hang out and drink large amounts of wine with us.

 Jenny has lived an interesting life--her father had a love of throwing cougars in the laps of guests and taxidermy for fun.  Her exasperated mother was just used to it.  Her sister was super popular and encouraged Jenny to at least attempt to fit in which only led to her having an arm up a cow's vajayjay.  She falls in love with a man who truly gets her (most of the time), and she has a daughter that is kind of awesome too.

The truth is you can't not love Jenny after reading her blog or her book.  She is honest, authentic, and a true friend for all of us who read her words.  I own very few books in my home compared to other bibliophiles (partially because my studio is approximately 300 square feet regardless of my crazy-ass landlord's insistence that it's 400--I measured), but as soon as this one came out I purchased it.  Like, not at a discount.  For the full price at a bookstore.  [Pause.]  You can pick your jaw up from off the ground now.

What I am saying with all of this is that the book was highly enjoyable.  I appreciate Jenny's note in the front that forewarns you that she will offend you--and I love her for that.  Nothing actually offended me, but I really only get offended by jerks in bars who condescendingly refer to me as "Babe."  So perhaps my offend-o-meter is off.  There are moments where Jenny isn't funny because she actually went through some rough stuff--carrying her child to term was one of the greatest moments in her book.  We laughed, we cried--it was glorious.  The story of how Beyonce the large metal chicken came into being is one that will never get old.  Never ever ever.  If you don't know this story, then stop reading this blog post, go get the book, and come back here later.

So yes, happy Celebrity Memoir Friday, this is a book recommendation.  Happy reading!

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