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Friday, August 10, 2012

The Appeal

"Another John Grisham book?" I can hear you asking yourself.  YES, I reply, why of course!

In The Appeal, a hard-working lawyer couple wins a multi-million dollar lawsuit against Krane Chemical for dumping toxic waste in their small town in Mississippi.  The head of the parent company will do anything to win on appeal--including fixing the upcoming state Supreme Court election.  The candidate in this election is a good, wholesome man who might not know what is in front of him.  This story explores the lack of bounds to which the rich and corrupt will go to stay powerful.

It is no secret how much I enjoy Grisham's novels, and this one was no different.  His characters are well-crafted, particularly his protagonists in Wes and Mary Grace Payton, natives of the dumping-ground town who are fighting the case against Krane, and indirectly the antagonist Carl Trudeau, the head of the parent company.  There is no hiding the liberal leaning in this book--the tone is clearly set to be sympathetic toward the little people and anti-corporate greed and corruption.  I find the law to super fascinating (having chosen to not attend law school myself) and I enjoy reading the nitty-gritty of our justice system.  This book focused heavily on tort law and it was an interesting learning experience.

While this was not my favorite of Grisham's books, I still cared about the characters and their story.  It was a great read for a warm summer park day.  Take the politics of the book with a grain of salt enjoy the story for what it is--an entertaining story.

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