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Monday, October 29, 2012

Every Day

I find sometimes that YA Lit is so much more than just a genre for young people. David Levithan's Every Day was one of those stories.

Each morning A wakes up inhabiting a different body--never the same body twice. A is only male or female when he wakes up as one, and he ages as the bodies do. He makes no connections until one day, in the body of a jerky high school boy, he meets  Rhiannon, the beautiful girlfriend and lost soul of the body he is in. He falls in love and can't let go. As A falls deeper and deeper as the days wear on, he effects the lives of those he inhabits. Can he learn to let go in order for others to continue on?

This book was at times fascinating and at others engrossing. I had such a hard time putting it down to go do things like eat or swipe my Metrocard. I was fascinated by Levithan's creation of A and the world he works within. The details are well-thought-out and intricate, and the plot is beautiful. The choice A makes at the end punched me in the gut and left me feeling slightly bereft but in awe of the good that can come if we just take a leap of faith. There is a subplot about possession that is funny and horrifying.

I had a lovely journey with this novel over the weekend and I would like to encourage you, too, to curl up on your couch with a good book as fall is upon us.

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