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Monday, October 1, 2012

Tell Everyone I Said Hi

Tell Everyone I Said Hi is a short story collection by Chad Simpson that I polished off this weekend. It is full of characters whom you might never hear of again, but who certainly have something to say.

Simpson's stories take place in the heart of people's worlds--these are small town people who just live their everyday lives. They live their lives, they go to work, they travel, and they end relationships.

I had two favorite stories in this book. The first was "Peloma," told in first person by a father dealing with the grief of his wife and the adolescent agony of his overweight daughter. As she attempts suicide, he also deals with a promotion at work gone wrong. It's a beautiful tale of love and understanding that ground into my heart.

My other favorite was the title story, "Tell Everyone I Said Hi." Who hasn't dealt with heartbreak and regret? If you haven't then I would argue that you are missing a vital part of life. That exact love and regret and frustration at what you didn't do comes across like a brilliant white, crisp shirt in this story. Coulda, shoulda, woulda.

Simpson never quite leaves you satisfied with his stories, and that's what I appreciated most about this book. Nothing is tied up and with a neat little bow; you leave each of his narratives hoping that all will be fine eventually. But you aren't handed a happy ending on a silver platter. You must look for it in your own mind and your own being.

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