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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Great House

Great House by Nicole Krauss is one of those books that everyone who reads good books recommends.  So what did I do?  Check it out from the library, of course!

A desk is at the center of this novel--it holds emotional depth to four stories but is a piece of furniture that represents something much greater than a physical piece of material.  The desk passes through four sets of lives--a woman who escapes the Holocaust as a chaperone on the Kindertransport; a young fan who reminds an author so much of her long-lost child; a man who desperately wants to piece together his past, piece of furniture by piece of furniture; and a man who wants to reconnect with his son in light of his wife's death.

I agree with all of the recommendations--this book is beautifully written and an incredible piece of literature.  Ms. Krauss has a way with words so that when she strings them together they weave a tapestry of intensity and yearning, love and desperation.  It's quite an outstanding feat, actually, and I was wowed when finishing this novel.

This novel is split into two sections, and each of the four stories gets two chapters--a beginning and an end (well, actually...the lack of an end).  If you are looking for a satisfying story that will give you a beginning, a middle, and an end, look elsewhere.  This is all middle and it never ends.  This is a story that will devastate you and break your heart and leave you so desperately wanting to hold your loved ones near.

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