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Friday, November 23, 2012

My Heart Is An Idiot

A book called My Heart is an Idiot written by Davy Rothbart, the founder and editor of Found magazine? Sounds delish. Yes, please!

Rothbart's book of essays focuses on his idiocy in love and his belief in the human spirit. He falls in love fast and often gets his heart broken just as quickly. He is a dreamer and a creator, and his writing style fits his openheartedness. He creates Found magazine in his basement; he publishes found objects such as love letters, shopping lists, or receipts sent from readers.

This was a genuinely fun set of essays about love and the human condition. I loved Rothbart's essay, "Ninety Nine Bottles of Pee on the Wall," where he exacts revenge on a scammer through a very long and winding process of pee collection. I was also quite moved by his essay on his journey to New York and interviewing regular people immediately following 9/11. I found his essay on his friend, Byron, to be moving and alternately horrifying in that Byron may (or may not) have been wrongfully convicted of a friend's murder. Either way, I truly appreciated Rothbart's ability to lay down his raw emotions for his readers.

This book was positively lovely and it made me feel as though Rothbart truly poured his soul into his writing. I am very glad that I heeded warnings to pick up this book.

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