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Friday, December 21, 2012

Dear Life: Stories

I thoroughly enjoyed Runaway, so when I found out Alice Munro was coming out with a new collection of stories called Dear Life, I jumped in the library queue quick quick quick.

These stories run the gamut from love found (and lost) in a sanitarium; a lovers rendezvous on a interterritory train; an affair leads to blackmail; and running away from the life you know when you have a chance. Regardless of the characters in the story, all of these short stories revolve around chances taken when they arrive and loving and losing in the process of life as it happens.

I really enjoy Munro's writing her sense of an ending which often happens to be none at all. Her stories are of a manageable length and always have a way of punching you in the gut.

The most beautiful story in this collection was "Amundsen," the story of a woman who goes to a sanitarium as a teacher and is drawn in by the doctor. She agrees to marry him. Life has other plans. It was the most heartbreaking of stories in this collection and it stuck with me long after putting down the book. This collection is very classic Munro recipe with a Canadian base, relationship for the body, and lack of closure for taste.


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