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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Everything Matters! A Novel

Everything Matters! by Ron Currie, Jr. was handed to me by a publisher friend for whom this book is a favorite. I can see why, no doubt.

Junior is born with the ability to see the past, the present, and the future. He knows that at a certain point in his adulthood the world will end. He will sound crazy if he tells anyone. He confides in the love of his life, Amy. She leaves him. Through the course of his adult life, Junior spirals downward until he finally has the ability to do good. But is this how things have to turn out? What if, just maybe, he can retell his story and never confide in Amy in the first place?

I thoroughly appreciate Currie's storytelling. He is a little bit Vonnegut, a wee bit Yates, with a dash of earnestness thrown in. I loved the first 100 pages and fell in love again the last 50. I will be honest that I got a wee bit lost in the middle 150 pages, but that didn't take away my appreciation for and care for this book.

It is beautifully written and a labor of love. Junior is the heart of the book and his relationship with his family, combined with his "very special gift", make for an intriguing story that makes you want to give Junior the love he so desperately craves. I understand why he fell so in love with Amy--I might have too--and I only wanted them to work out. I won't say whether they did or not, as you must read this for yourself. But it's worth the journey, so consider lacing up your shoes and making it.


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