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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Chronicles of Gilderam, Book One: Sunset

I have been waiting on this novel for almost five years. Yes, you read that right: FIVE YEARS. So when I get an email with the book attached, of course I dropped everything and picked up my Kindle to read Kevin Kelleher's Chronicles of Gilderam, Book One: Sunset.

This novel is epic. Owein is a bodyguard hired to protect a great new ship on its maiden voyage...until the ship is attacked and all hell breaks loose. Owein discovers that he is at the center of a much larger prophesy in which he is the chosen one--you know, as if he doesn't have enough to deal with fighting off bad guys. His team of unlikely allies must defeat forces much bigger than they ever could have imagined in order to survive, and in turn, save the world.

First of all, I have known Kevin for some time and I am ridiculously proud that this book is not only out but that it is outstanding. We all know that I am not the greatest lover of fantasy and science fiction, but I loved the story here. The opening sequence of this book hooked me immediately and my mother had to drag me away from the couch to help with Christmas dinner. Nothing says Merry Christmas like pirates on a ship.

There were many times throughout this book that I just shook my head in disbelief at the sheer volume of creativity and thought and care that went into crafting this story. The detail is superb and not a question was left standing in my head about who these characters were, what their relations were, and what their arcs were. I cared deeply about the characters, and I specifically have to applaud Kevin for his creation of strong female characters. A lady captain? I can get behind that! Go team!

I am a lover of stories, be they in print, on the stage, or on the screen. Anyone who can craft a narrative that is strong, tight, and fluid gets my vote. Sunset is that story. The writing is solid yet creative and intelligent, and I seriously raced though this book in just a matter of days. That, my friends, is the mark of a good action story.

I think you would feel better about yourself if you just pre-ordered the book below. Unless you are reading this after January 2013, in which you will order it in real time. Also, check out Kevin's website.

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