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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Ten-Year Nap: A Novel

This was a book that was passed on to me by a friend; these things always make me so happy. I dove into Meg Wolitzer's The Ten-Year Nap one rainy Saturday last week, and I found myself in the familiar world of New York City.

A group of four married mothers in New York City are panged with what could have been--had they made different choices, had they worked harder in their careers, had they not given it up to stay home. All of these questions lead each woman to reexamine that which she holds dear and to each make the ultimate decision about how to genuinely find happiness in the world she has chosen.

This book was a thick murky lake that I dove into headfirst. It's not difficult to relate to women who wonder what might have been, or what might be different if only you knew then what you know now. Each of these women married young and had children in their 20's; now that their children are old enough to be moving toward adulthood these women must find themselves independent of their children and husbands. There is love and resentment, excitement and bitterness. It's a roller coaster ride of emotions.

It's not unlike life. It's easy to sit and wonder about the vastly different life you could have if you only took another course, but as these women discovered, it's not worth playing the "what if" game. It's more worth your time to let it go and enjoy your life exactly as you have it now.

You can get the book below; Kindle on left, hard copy on right.

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