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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Not Since Carrie: 40 Years of Broadway Musical Flops

I try to read one book a month related to my field, and I have had this one on my shelf for quite a while.  I keep picking it up then have some other library book due, so this poor soul ends up getting pushed aside.  Since an Off-Broadway company revived an updated Carrie this season, I thought that it would be appropriate to take this with me to Los Angeles while on a business trip and indulge.

Not Since Carrie: 40 Years of Broadway Musical Flops is a lovely ditty from Ken Mandelbaum who happens to be a pretty fantastic theatre historian.  The title comes from what is arguably the most famous Broadway flop, Carrie, which is often referred to when speaking of other flops: "Rarely seen, not since Carrie."

This book, however, covers so much more than that (as can be assumed from the "40 years" portion of the subtitle).  If you are as big of a theatre nerd as I happen to be you will not want to miss this book.  Chances are good that you haven't missed it since it often makes "must read" lists of theatre books.  It's up there with Fre for All by Kenneth Turan and Joseph Papp as well as Wendy and the Lost Boys by Julie Salamon as far as I am concerned regarding the history of our business as we know it.  It is worth owning on your shelf at work/home.

You might be surprised at the big names who had even bigger flops. I won't give anything away because you need to purchase this book for yourself.

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