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Monday, February 4, 2013

The List: A Novel

One thing I don't mention often is my keeping-up-with-the-joneses love of politics. So I am offered a novel about politics by a former Politico journalist? Yes, please! No need to twist my arm! This is Karin Tanabe's The List.

The "List" of the title is not a paper listing things to do; rather, it's short for The Capitolist, a Washington paper for which twenty-something Adrienne Brown has just left her cushy Town & Country job. She wanted writing with more substance, and she is about to...not entirely get it. She is the newest reporter in the style section, making her low woman on totem pole of the least-respected section of the up-and-coming paper. Working six days a week from five in the morning until eight at night, Adrienne forgoes her love life, her family, and sleep to write her way to the top, five articles at a time. When she discovers the illicit affair of someone close to the paper, she realizes that this could be the impetus that could change everything. Will she have the guts to see it through? Or will the demands of the job kill her first?

This was a fun read for the weekend. It was super chick-lit-y and I felt like I was treating myself to a secret latte in an off-the-beaten-path coffee shop where no one could find me. I love me some book candy, and this certainly fit the bill.

Adrienne was a generally likable character and I bought into her emotions and choices as she gave up a great job in New York City for what she thought was going to be more substance and a devotion to the greater good. I was rooting for the protagonist--I wanted her to find love and life and happiness in her new world. I also wanted her to move out of her parents' house (a longstanding joke). There are a ton of references to pop culture in this book which was fun.

Pick up this book for your spring reading! Kindle copy on left, hard copy on right:

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