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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Vow: A Memoir of Marriage (and Other Affairs)

It sounded interesting--a treatise on marriage and infidelity. This is Vow: A Memoir of Marriage (and Other Affairs) by Wendy Plump.

Every marriage has its ups and downs. But have many marriages seen the number of infidelities of Wendy's? Three on her end, a few on her husbands--then, in 2005, Wendy discovers that Bill actually has another family just a mile down the road. Their marriage has weathered a lot, but this breaks it. Wendy captures the range of emotions that run through the mind when a spouse cheats on either end.

This  book was a quick and dirty read with some hard-to-face insights into marriage in reality, not just in concept. Of course I would never say that I understand what it means to be married--I most certainly do not--so I found Plump's assessment of long-term relationships to be interesting and informative. Also having never dealt with infidelity (of which I am aware, anyway), I was engrossed in Plump's explication of feelings, emotions, and breakdowns from both sides of the aisle, having been the cheater and the cheated-on.

The most fascinating portions of this book were when Plump revealed her relationship with Susan, the other woman. It felt like Plump held back enough to be able to reveal this relationship slowly and fully, like a tulip opening into full bloom. Plump holds nothing back--I felt her disdain toward the other woman and the absolute shock of the audacity of Susan's communication. 

I was happy that I picked up this book last week. I found it to be eye-opening and a worthy investment. 

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