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Monday, March 18, 2013

The Adults: A Novel

This book cover reminded me of an amazingly well-done and creepy movie I remember seeing years ago, so of course I was all like, "Uh, yeah I want to read The Adults by Alison Espach!"

Emily Vidal is an exceptionally smart teenager, and particularly perceptive of the world around her. She knows her father is sleeping with Mrs. Resnick next door and that her mother is not quite as stable as she seems. She knows her teacher, Mr. Basketball, finds her attractive. And she knows that as her father moves to Prague and her parents divorce that she must find a way to fend for herself. As Emily grows into an adult herself, she must face her choices of both past and present.

I dove into this book like a fly into pudding--it looked yummy and smelled yummy and I had no idea what a crazy time that was going to be. Of course I mean that in a great way because this book was a literary crazy-fest.

I love that from the beginning it seems this book is going to be about Emily's observance of the adults around her when in fact this story spans quite a bit into Emily's adulthood. I watched the ramifications of Emily's choices as a young teenager hit with the force of a dump truck in her early 20's and then again in her late 20's. I watched Emily grow up but not, because at the end of the day aren't we always just an arrested development hologram of who we feel we should be? Or is that just me?

This book was thick and juicy and eye-popping with with words. Espach is a master of mood and I felt like a visitor in the WASP-y confines of Emily's life, from then to now. I watched with fascination at Emily waded through her world of unknowns and I am so happy I had a chance to sit for a spell with this woman and her world.

Try it on for size. Kindle version on left, hard copy on right.

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