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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Wanderers

The Wanderers by Jessica Miller is a tale of vampires. Need I say more to entice you?

Ella has been through a horrific car accident that killed her boyfriend the summer before she leaves for college. It affects her deeply, and she is still dealing with it when she arrives at school in Vermont, rooming with her best friend and meeting the RA who woos her. As the fall marches on, things get weirder and weirder in Ella's life--people around her are dying horrific deaths, she has trouble remembering a night out on a date, and her new sorority is just...too much. Ella begins to realize the man haunting her dreams may be more than just a figment of her active imagination--it turns out she may know him.

As far as paranormal stories go, this one was interesting. I liked that the paranormal part was played down a bit in favor of more story and character, which is what I prefer. I generally liked Ella's character, but at one point wanted to scream out, "GO SEE A THERAPIST!" The family dynamic of Ella's family was entertaining--her mother being highly overbearing and her brothers being...well, brothers. I have one, I know.

This was a fun, light read that kept me intrigued and interested.

Kindle version below.

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