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Friday, May 3, 2013

Lush Life: A Novel

Richard Price's Lush Life has been on my radar fora while--in fact, I had it checked out from the library this time last year and I lost track of time and didn't get to read it before I had to return it. I stepped up to the plate this time.

Three men are robbed and one is shot on their way home from the bar in the Wast Village late one night. The one sober in the group, Eric, describes two dark-skinned suspects; two other witnesses describe Eric as the shooter. Where does the truth lie? Are witnesses as reliable as they seem? How can we keep grief and shock from overwhelming us? What makes one thug give another up--what is the code? This sweeping crime epic spans all sides of the historic LES--the cops, the projects, the imigrants, and the gentrifiers--to bring to the top the tensions that fuel our everyday lives.

Multilayered. Epic. Sweeping. Gigantic. Heartwrenching. Do you need any more adjectives for me to properly describe the feelings that this book holds between it's covers? I think not.

I was hooked from page 20. It took some concentration to get into the earlier scenes, but once I had a sense of where it was going I was able to latch on to the story told from so many different points of view. This book needs committment from its readers, and in return it will give you all it promises--humbling respect, raw honesty, and shocking realism. If you love a good read, Price is your man.

 For purchase. Kindle version on the left, hard copy on the right.

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