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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

While I Was Gone

People just give me books. Everyone knows I love to read and people will just hand me books they have finished and want to pass on. That's how I picked up While I Was Gone by Sue Miller.

Jo Becker lives a happy life in her small Massachusetts town. She runs her own vet practice, her husband is the town preacher, and her three daughters are grown. When a new couple comes to town, it doesn't take long for Jo to realize she knows the husband from a previous life, one in which she was running away to find herself. They share a terrible experience in their past, and this interaction starts to gnaw at Jo. Now that her past has caught up with her, will it overcome her life?

Ms. Miller gives us an incredibly intricate web of narrative; she has this glorious way of revealing her main character's past like peeling an onion layer by layer. Her writing is intriguing and calming at the same time which makes the story come alive. I love when the main character has a past about which no one knows and I love when a crime is involved.

This is a story that might not completely fulfill you if you are looking for a thriller. The story stays focused on the domestic drama of what happens when your past catches up to you and you can't let go. I, however, found it fulfilling on a level of heart and hope.


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