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Monday, May 13, 2013

Winter's Bone: A Novel

I loved the movie. So hard. So I decided to pick up the book this week for some light reading. This is Winter's Bone by Daniel Woodrell. 

Ree's father is the best meth cooker in the county. He is a Dolly, and that means something. So when he disappears one day and Ree is visited by the loal bondsman to tell her that he father put up their home as collateral against his next court hearing, Ree knows she is about to lose everything. She sets out to find him, but there are many people who want--need--her to stop looking. So much so, the lengths they will go to might kill her.

This book (novelette?) lived up to it's hype, and I would dare say that the movie is so close to the writing. I was hooked from the beginning sentence, and Woodrell paints a vivid and detailed picture of life in the Ozarks. It's a place so different from where I come that it almost comes across as a fantasy world.

I love when a book reads as though it is a live telling of a story; I think that's why this translated so well to screen. I could watch the whole Dolly story play out in fromt of my eyes with only the writing of Woodrell to guide me. In my book, that's superb writing.

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