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Monday, June 17, 2013

Anonymous Sources: A Novel

I love crime. I love it. True crime, fake crime, whatever, doesn't matter. So I heard about this spy thriller involving lots of crime by a former NPR correspondent, Mary Louise Kelly, and I just about tripped all over myself to read this book. Anonymous Sources, here we come.  

The death of a recent Harvard graduate starts out simple but gets complicated quickly. Although he fell from an on-campus tower, it was obviously not a suicide. Who would want the young man dead? Alexandra James, a reporter for the Boston Chronicle with secrets of her own, seeks out the answer only to discover an international plot full of intrigue, danger, and powerful people with much to hide. Can she figure out the web of conspiracy before she becomes the next victim?

I COULDN’T PUT THIS BOOK DOWN. I tore through this book in two days like a starving artist into a free sandwich. Not because the book is short, mind you (it's not!)—but because this book is so ridiculously excellent and indulgent and HOLY MOLY OH EM GEE I LOVED IT.

Alexandra was a very compelling character; I found out enough about her in the course of the story to find her sympathetic and likeable but not so much that she ever became self-indulgent or overwrought. She was smart, strong, and just about everything else I like in a lady character, and I can’t praise Kelly enough for creating a fantastically flawed female with enough strength to kick her male colleagues’ butts. Because of the strong female lead, the story was able to take interesting twists and turns that might have not otherwise be possible.

I found the story incredibly gripping; when I say that I couldn’t put this book down I mean I literally could not put it down. I held it in my mitts and read it while walking down the sidewalk, eating meals, and brushing my teeth. This is not an exaggeration. Kelly has written a novel with twists and turns, some of which you can figure out and others that will knock you off your feet. I enjoy the element of surprise, and I am thankful to have had it here. You should read this book—it is a great beach read and an even better rainy day indulgence.

You should get this book. Seriously. Kindle version on left, hard copy on right:

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