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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sisterland: A Novel

I am a Curtis Sittenfeld fan. I really enjoyed American Wife (which I read way before the existence of this blog), and I am looking forward to taking Prep to the beach this summer. So of course I picked up Sisterland as soon as I could. [Insert happy dance here.]

Violet and Daisy are identical twins--both of whom were born with extrasensory perception. As they grew older they forged their separate paths, with Daisy becoming "Kate" in college, marrying, and becoming a mother to two small children. Violet left college after six weeks, moved home to St. Louis, bounced between jobs, and attempted to build her psychic practice. When Violet is interviewed on the local news following a small earthquake, she predicts a much larger and more destructive quake in the near future. This brings national attention and widens the rift between the sisters. Will the quake happen on the predicted day--and regardless whether or not it does, will the sisters ever be able to repair their relationship?

I was completely captivated by this book. Whole hog, all in, couldn't stop thinking about it. There were other books that I had waiting to be read, begging to be read, and I had to be all like, "No, other books, you can't be read right now. Sisterland is just too amazeballs." Sittenfeld's writing is so beguiling that I dare you, double dog dare you, to try to stop reading to do simple things like sleep and eat. You won't be able to do it.

Her characters are so mesmerizing that I become enamored by page 10. I loved Kate. I wanted to support Kate by reaching into the book, grabbing hold of her hand, and telling her to not worry so much. It wasn't a matter of whether the earthquake would happen--it was like a scary movie, where the build up is what counts. The build up to the actual event (or is it a non-event?) is what counts. And that count is high.

Being so enthralled and engrossed in a novel is something I live for, and being inside of this world for a short time was amazing. Sittenfeld has this magical way of creating characters with such fascinating back stories that my eyes light up while reading, and she has a knack for weaving her exposition throughout her story. Superb-o-licious.

It's the journey you seek out when you pick up a Sittenfeld book, not the destination. Isn't that amazing? That while I wanted to know whether or not the earthquake would occur, it was secondary to the relationships in the book, both between the twins together and between the twins and the others in their lives.


Get your copy now. Kindle on left, hard copy on right.

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