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Friday, June 21, 2013

The Silent Wife: A Novel

A woman may have killed her cheating husband? How quickly can I pick up this book? The Silent Wife by A. S. A. Harrison.

Jodi has the seemingly perfect life. She is able to do what she loves thanks to the success of her husband's home building business. She has dinner on the table every night with a bottle of white chilling on the counter. She is able to use her impeccably dressed and lovely personality to help others as a therapist. The only problem is that underneath the perfect facade lies a marriage that is falling apart--her husband, Todd, has impregnated his mistress and leaves Jodi. She is about to lose everything she loves. Is she capable of the ultimate revenge?

How marvelously indulgent this book was for my daily reading. This book was like a train wreck in that the jolt and flip that comes at a certain point in the book (of which you will need to be surprised!) will knock you off your feet. The ride is smooth sailing--you sit back in your first class chair, indulge in your cold mixed drink of choice, and just as you start to feel comfortable and relaxed the train jumps off its tracks and knocks you into the next zip code.

That, my dear readers, is The Silent Wife.

I was addicted to this book in a way that I couldn't tell you at the time. You know how there is a type of food that when you try it, you say, "It's ok...wait, give me another bite. Hm, ok...give me another bite. And another. And...holy moly, this is incredible!" And you just can't stop eating it because it turns out it's crazy insane good in the most addictive way possible? Uh, yeah, try the few days I spent with my nose in this book. I couldn't stop reading in this kind of curious way. The characters are fascinating--full of false pretenses yet revealing so much. Utterly fascinating.

Oh, what a marvelous beach read. Kindle copy on left, hard copy on right.

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