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Friday, August 2, 2013

Eating My Feelings: Tales of Overating, Underperforming, and Coping with My Crazy Family

I looooove to laaaugh, ha-ha-ha-ha. (Remember the song from Mary Poppins, the original Disney movie version???) Ok, well, anyway, if you also love to laugh, you will understand why I dove into Mark Brennan Rosenberg's latest, Eating My Feelings: Tales of Overeating, Underperforming, and Coping with My Crazy Family. Sounds like I could have written this.

Mark Rosenberg grows up as an overweight gay kid in New Jersey. He loves Clueless, All My Children, and Melrose Place. He lives for brownies and musical theatre. He is a riot on a plate. When not contriving ways to off his bitchy stepmother or finagle his way out of fat camp, Mark is busy finding his way though high school and later through the streets of image-obsessed New York City. Will he ever get fit? Will he find a job he loves? Will he get to tell Erica Kane that she is his knightess in shining armor?

These and many other questions plague Mark on a daily basis. The guy is seriously a riot. He doesn't take himself too seriously, and he recognizes what is funny about his life. One of my mantras in life is that you have to find life funny--or else you might just lose your mind. Ordinary circumstances could take a u-turn in Mark's life and take an incidence that could be cringeworthy or upsetting and turn it into comedy gold.

At one point I found myself giggling out loud on the train and the guy across from me gave me a very strange look. Any book that will make me smile during rush-hour traffic on the F train gets my vote. Mark is a sympathetic character even when he is clearly difficult. He feels like your best friend; I wanted to ask if I could join him for his snowstorm pig-out and eat my feelings with him. He writes the way I imagine he converses, and that makes him a number one guest at my next dinner party. If I threw dinner parties, that is. I don't like cleaning up after people, so I don't have them often.

Kindle version on left, hard copy on right.

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