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Friday, November 15, 2013

Six Months Later: A Novel

I love a solid premise, so when I heard about Natalie D. Richard's Six Months Later, I jumped at the chance to be intrigued and baffled.

Chloe is a just-fine student who finds mooning over boys with her best friend Maggie to be much more fun. When she is startled awake after falling asleep in study hall, she finds it is six months later, she has aced her SAT's, and her boyfriend is the most desired bachelor in school. What happened to her? Why can't she remember anything? How did she become such a wiz kid? The answers are far darker than anything she could imagine--and if she digs too far, she may pay the ultimate price.

I love a good thriller. I find when something is intriguing and somewhat mind-boggling I am nose-to-the-book and really can't be bothered to accomplish anything in life. I was fascinted by Richards' weaved story and her ability to pull back layers of a mystery in a reveal that kept me reading and reading and reading until I found I had plowed through  it.

The end of the story felt a bit melodramatic and far-fetched, but I am willing to look past this in favor of the storytelling throughout the book as a whole. If I were a young adult I would eat the end up. It would have totally been my cup of tea, and since this is a YA novel, my personal opinion of the ending can be set aside in favor of viewing it from the point of view of the intended audience. I enjoyed the characters, I enjoyed the intrigue, and I would absolutely recommend this book for the young adult in your life. Or yourself, because you will like the book. (I said so.)

Kindle version on left, hard copy on right.


  1. Aw...this is lovely! Thank you so much for trying out Six Months Later! I'm so glad you enjoyed it and the review starts my weekend just right! YAY! :-)

    1. I am happy you found the post! Thanks for the read, and I am thrilled to have made your weekend.