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Friday, December 27, 2013

Running with Scissors: A Memoir

I had yet to read Augusten Burrough's Running with Scissors, and I thought this past summer would be a perfect time to pick up the paperback version and indulge in a little kookiness.

Something is wrong with Augusten's family. His mother is crazy and his father could care less about anything. When his mother announces that Augusten will soon be under the care of her therapist Dr. Finch, Augusten is unsure of what will happen to him. The Finch's, after all, are even crazier than his mother. In his years in their home, Augusten discovers he is gay and takes a much older lover, finds his best friend, and gets into shenanigans he would have missed otherwise.

This is the kind of summer beach read that I love. It was wild and out-there and a devil of a read--one where I found myself smiling and having a ball of a time. I especially recommend this book in paperback because it is the perfect indulgence of a vacation read. (I personally find paperbacks to be like the private chocolate stash you don't tell your family about that is in the back of the junk drawer in the kitchen. Shhh...) It is on the light side, meaning that you can read it in a few days, but it still has the substance you look for in a summer book.

I did find myself often wondering how true this story could actually be. Upon further thought, though, I realized I didn't care because it was exactly what I want in a story. A little exaggeration, a lot of memory, and a sprinkle of crazy. Well, okay, never mind--it's a cup and a half of crazy. It didn't require me to make a flow chart of characters--they came off the page themselves and lived in life. I was able to take a ride-along on the crazy train for a few hours. 

And let me tell you--it was a blast.

Kindle version on left, hard copy on right. 

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