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Friday, December 20, 2013

The Murder Code: A Novel

I LOVE MYSTERIES. I just do. Say "murder," and I am immediately needing to pick up the book. This is The Murder Code by Steve Mosby.

Detective Hicks is a seasoned detective who understands that behind every murder there is a reason--and it's always a reason that can be deduced. One night, a woman's body is found, bludgeoned to death. All signs point to the ex until, the very same night, another body, that of an itinerant man, is found. There is no connection, and as the murders keep occurring in great numbers, Hicks and his partner become more and more frustrated. The killer is defying logic. There is a code in these murders--can they find it in time to prevent so many others from losing their lives?

I really loved this book. I wasn't completely sold for the first quarter, but I am soooooo happy I stuck with it. By the time I hit the 3/4 mark, I was obsessed--couldn't put it down. It came at the point Hicks consulted with a data expert, one who looks for patterns. I will say that I couldn't figure out the pattern until the protagonist did, and I thought it was quite impressive that a story could be weaved so intricately.

I loved the side story that was happening as well, that of Hicks dealing with his past and his present. His estranged wife is pregnant, and he has yet to get excited about the baby. Some of this has to do with his abusive childhood, and some of it is just what happens over the course of growing apart from your mate. It was a great part of the story and really heightened the intrigue hovering over the main event. I love a good story that makes me think and pulls me back in every time I have to shut the book, and this was certainly it. It was a great thriller. 

Kindle version on left, hard copy on right.

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