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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Before We Met: A Novel

I love a good novel of intrigue, so I picked up Lucie Whitehouse's Before We Met one snowy afternoon this week. Intrigued, I was. 

Hannah lives a blissful life. Her new marriage to Mark is going gangbusters, she is on the hunt for a new job after uprooting herself from New York City in order to join her husband in London, where he runs a software company he started right out of school. Everything is perfect until one weekend when Mark doesn't come home from a business trip. He calls almost 48 hours after his expected return, but it unsettles Hannah. She starts digging, suspecting him of having an affair. Only what Hannah uncovers is far worse--it will tear her new life apart in ways she can't even imagine.

I was pleasantly surprised by this intriguing ditty. I sat down to read it and just couldn't stop. I was in it to win it. Whitehouse has spun a tale that find yourself needing to push through to get the answers you are looking for. At first I thought it was just another scorned-woman tale, so I was happily taken aback when things just weren't adding up.

I will say, though, this book makes me think twice about ever getting married. How truly do you actually know someone? Like, really truly absolutely? This is what was rolling through my mind as I read this story, because it turns out that Hannah never really knew her husband. Not everything he told her was a lie; there was a grain of truth in most of what he said. However, he was so completely over his head in his lies that it seems even he didn't know who he was or what the truth could be.

I loved the intrigue and being dragged along by a string in this story. It wasn't heart pounding, which I liked most about the story. It was more curiosity (following the breadcrumbs, if you will), the same curiosity that pulled Hannah into the web of lies she would soon uncover, destroying the life she so effortlessly lived.

Kindle version on left, hard copy on right.

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