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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Objects of Her Affection: A Novel

Sonya Cobb's The Objects of Her Affection sounded intriguing and exciting, so I picked it up between studying for exams.

Sophie and her husband adore their two young children, and after Sophie's nomadic childhood she desperately wants to provide her children with the stability of roots. She convinces her husband to purchase an old fixer-upper that is a financial stress for them promising it will be all right. When she finds herself in over her head after just a few months, she takes an opportunity that falls in her lap that may end up destroying everything she has.

This was a fully enjoyable novel that was well-written with interesting characters and a clear and engaging story arc. Sophie was a sympathetic character, even though at times you knew what she was doing and wanted to reach through the book to slap her. That being said, it's very hard not to relate to getting in over your head. Whether it's on a house, credit cards, and too many new clothes, we have all been in at least one desperate position where we have considered taking drastic measures. Sophie is an every-woman, although most women don't have the opportunity to steal museum pieces from their husband's office. 

Now, I can't say that I would make the same decisions that Sophie did, but then there is no novel about my poor life decisions, now is there? (No, there's not. Don't bother looking.) It was knowing that I would not make the same decisions that in part made this book so interesting. Why bother reading about ourselves all the time? This is a timely novel that is a smooth read and allowed me as the reader to invest in the characters and the story. I love picking up a book that catches my interest and allows me just live in it for a bit and makes me want to give the author a virtual high-five. That's what this book was. Delicious.

Hard copy for purchase below.

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