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Friday, October 24, 2014

Burned: A Vanessa Pierson Novel

Remember when I was excited to review the first of Valerie Plame's series on a CIA agent? Well, here's part two--Burned

The last time we saw Vanessa Pierson, she was trailing Bhoot, the international terrorist, and she had lost a witness in her pursuit. This time is no different, only the stakes are higher--there is someone after the same thing Bhoot wants. This makes her enemy more like her friend, and as her investigation goes deeper into the underworld of Europe, she soon discovers that there is a mole in her agency. Can Vanessa make it out alive and capture the man she seek so desperately?

Oh, I love a thriller that keeps me at the edge of my seat and takes me out of my life for just a little while. It's no surprise, then, that I sat back and rode the Vanessa Pierson roller coaster for a while and had a great time doing it. Vanessa is still Vanessa, which means she is absolutely brilliant and good what she does which requires a hell of a lot of skill. It also means that she is flawed and messy and like every other human being in her personal life, and it is what makes her real. As much as she wants to be the best at what she does, Bhoot reels her in every time. It's like a bad relationship that she is conditioned to need. Vanessa and her international terrorist.

This second installment of the Vanessa Pierson series is particularly interesting for several reasons. First, I love that it is set in places I have been, and fairly recently, too. While I am a bit unsettled by the idea of a terrorist attack in the heart of Paris, it was a compelling draw into the book. I also loved that Vanessa had to collaborate with the French version of the CIA. It made her more human, having to work with others and at least try to be friendly. I also loved the constant push and pull between Vanessa and her beloved and their third wheel--the CIA. All of which thrown together makes a book that keeps my hands turning pages and my eyes darting across the page.

Hard copy for purchase below.

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