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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Dare to Kiss: A Novel

Girls playing baseball--I think they kinda rules. So I picked up S.B. Alexander's Dare to Kiss, the first in The Maxwell Series, this week. 

Lacey has just moved across the country to escape from her past, which is too tragic to bear. Her goals at the new school are to move past the visions that haunt her and make the baseball team so she can win her scholarship to college. What was not a goal is dating the resident bad boy. When she meets Kade Maxwell, she almost kills him--literally. As their relationship deepens, she begins to trust again, and she learns to lean in to love.

Alexander has written an interesting romance novel that focuses on a time we all remember well--late high school. Remember falling in love in spite of yourself? I sure do. (Ok, maybe it wasn't in spite of myself per se, but it happened nonetheless.) It was fun to revisit that time in my life when the hardest thing I had to do was keep up with school work and do outside activities. I envied Lacey in that respect, as I knew as I was reading that life would only get more complicated for her.

In all fairness, life was already complicated for the character. She was dealing with the unsolved murder of her mother and sister along with moving across the country, finding new friends, and falling in love. And the baseball team, too. The complications of Lacey's life lent itself to her whole character, in the moment she pulled a gun on her future boyfriend to the giving of herself to Kade. Life is complicated, and there's no reason our literary characters' lives should be any different. Complications are what make others want to view our lives from the outside looking in, and it is what makes a book worth reading.

Hard copy for purchase below.

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