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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Reservation Ravaged: A Novel

Sometimes when you take a case, you have no idea what you are getting into, #knowwhati'msayin'? This is JoAnna Senger's Reservation Ravaged

Hermione Daggert has fallen into private investigation work, and it looks good on her. She is careful, thoughtful, and observant, and she excels at her job. When she is approached by the leader of the Kanache tribe of her hometown in California's central coast region, she agrees to help find who cursed their land. Little does she know that this will lead her on a several-month journey through the curse, murder, and ending at the Institute for Holistic Health. How are all of these things intertwined? Through the land, of course.

This book was very enjoyable. Senger has created an empathetic heroine who is down-to-earth and reasonable but still takes chances. She takes them in a way that I think most of us can understand--she follows her gut, listens to her head, and still sometimes makes mistakes that she wants to kick herself for later. Hermione is a lovely character that is easy to like because she is just so darned relateable. She could be any of us. Which makes you want to slap her when she makes mistakes you see coming but you just know that if you were in her position you wouldn't see them either.

I love a good mystery, and I thought that Senger weaved up (wove up? does it matter?) a tale that made me want to keep pushing forward. Never overwrought and always on point, Senger used dialogue to her advantage and worked the first person narrative to give me a tight story that kept me interested. She has a way of creating characters that are genuine and still worth hearing from; there was not one person in this story that made me wonder what they were doing there. Overall it was a great read and I was happy I picked it up for my long commutes early this week.

I also have to say that Senger did this in less than 200 pages which I cry, "Yippee!" See, when a novelist can whip me up a good, intriguing story in a bite-size piece I want to jump for joy. I love a book that is about this length, and it's even better when it's actually a good read. Which this one was. Obviously. If you have read this far you probably caught on to that.

Hard copy for purchase below:

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