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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

...And Never Let Her Go

Ann Rule's ...And Never Let Her Go is Anne Rule at her absolute finest. Let's just get to it, shall we?

Thomas Capano is quite the ladies man. The Delaware lawyer is a powerful man who eats at all the finest restaurants, buys the best for his four daughters, and can't handle not running the lives of his mistresses. He is untouchable in many ways until the day Anne Marie Fahey goes missing. The beautiful young woman, twenty years Tom's junior and a valued employee of the governor, has had a hardscrabble life--and Tom preyed upon that. What happened to Anne Marie? Did she run away--or did something more sinister happen to her the night she tried to break up with Tom Capano for good?

This novel was almost-700 pages of goodness. No really. I love Ann Rule. There is not a single true-crime writer out there that is as scrupulous in her research, meticulous in her writing, and as dedicated to justice as Rule. I watched an episode of Behind Mansion Walls (yes, sometimes I watch super junk TV) that featured this story and after reading this book, so much was missing that told a far more sinister and creepy story. Down to the last detail, Rule gives us the whole story with sympathy for those who deserve it and scorn for those who don't.

Ok, now the story. I loved Anne Marie and I felt she was my friend by the time I got halfway though this book and she disappeared. I wanted her to confide in me so I could tell her that Tom was using her insecurities to keep her around. I would tell her to knock off the emails and that he was using them to stay close. I would tell her that under no circumstances should she agree to see him and that she should just tell him to go away. She obviously wouldn't listen to me, because in order for this book to happen she had to make those choices. Off she goes to dinner with Tom Capano and there she goes, disappearing. DAMNIT, ANNE MARIE.

This book is an actual page-turner. I had a hard time sleeping because I wanted to know what was going to happen. The amazing part of this is that I knew what was going to happen because you can find it on the internet because it's a true story. And I still wanted to finish the book at a break-neck speed. What does that tell you about the book? Or possibly what a great storyteller Ann Rule is? Probably that both are great. Get the book.

Hard copy for purchase below. Purchase it.

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