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Monday, December 8, 2014

Carol Roman's If You Were Me and Lived In... Turkey, India, and France

It's children's book week again on the blog! Always one of my favorite weeks of the year. We are spending a lot of time with some of my favorite authors this week, too. 

I have gushed about Carol Roman's books before here and here, but they really truly are some of my most favorite. Every time a new one comes out I have to get it. I was beyond thrilled to get a package with some new, amazing countries included.


Today I chose to do Turkey and India together because they are both in Western Asia, and I thew in France because France goes with everything. Right? 

The first country today is Turkey, which is a dream destination for me. It turns out even I am learning a ton from these books. I didn't know the capital of Turkey--it turns out it is Ankara--and I didn't know that Istanbul, which is the second largest city in the world, actually sits on two continents (Asia and Europe). I have only passed through the airport in Istanbul, so I now I need to hurry back. And take this book.

Then there is India. Can I talk for a minute about how much I love these book covers also? I really love the representation of the two children dressed in clothing traditional to their country with the country they are representing highlighted.

Back to India. I did know it was the second most populated country in the world, but I did not know that the capital, New Delhi, was built on the site of seven ancient cities. Go Carol Roman for that awesome fact! I knew that cricket was a big game in India, but I didn't know about the celebration of Holi.

Then there was France. I was just there this summer on a wine tour, so I am a bit partial.

There was a good bit I knew in this book having been there and all, but it was so nice to read about and feel like I was there again. Paying in Euros for my bread in the boulangerie, ordering crepes, visiting the Eiffel Tower, celebrating Bastille Day--it's all what makes France the lovely country that it is. (Also the food and the wine. Did you know Milka sells chocolate bars specifically for making a chocolate sandwich on a baguette? That's what I call amazing.)

What I love about these books in general is that they give forth such basic information in a fascinating way. There is information on school (ecole in France!), on traditional names for both boys and girls (Ismet for girls in Turkey!), and transportation information (rickshaw taxis in India!). There is a pronunciation page in the back of each book that spells things out phonetically for older children and parents. The illustrations--oh, the illustrations! I love these books, and will have more countries coming for you later this week.

All for purchase below. Great holiday gifts!

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