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Friday, December 12, 2014

Rhymes and Doodles from a Wind-Up Toy

Children's Book Week is coming to a close! Time flies, you guys. I am ending this week with a book I picked up at Book Expo America thinking it would be perfect for the smallest humans in my life. This is Martha Sears West's Rhymes and Doodles from a Wind-Up Toy.

Filled with poems that tell stories and others that just play with words, this children's book is for the lover of words. The illustrations are charming and lovely, and the layout is just so nice. I would absolutely purchase this book for any one of my sweet and pregnant friends (because there are a lot of them!), and I plan on doing just that for an upcoming shower.

It's not secret that I love words, and I love playing with words. This was a delightful addition to my children's book bookshelf.

For purchase below. 

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