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Thursday, December 25, 2014

The Rosie Effect: A Novel

Oh my goodness, do you remember how much I loved Graeme Simsion's The Rosie Project? Well hold on to your hats, because here is the next chapter in the story.

Rosie and Don have been married for ten months, and they find themselves in New York City while Rosie finishes her PhD and begins medical school while Don serves as a visiting professor. Their lives are in for a change, though--Rosie gets herself pregnant. Don isn't quite sure what to do, as he has never contemplated raising a small human before. As he goes about doing his research, his inept human communication skills find a way to create a wedge between him and his perfect woman, and when his best friend suddenly shows up from Australia, all hell breaks loose. Can Don save his marriage, his child, and prove he is worthy of fatherhood?

I love Don Tillman. I do. I will read any of his stories as long as Simsion wants to write them. He is such an honest and straightforward character, that anything having to do with his life is one part hilarious and two parts misanthropy. He honestly does his best, and even when he and Rosie are on the outs I only want them to be together. I realize that Rosie's hormones were out of control, but Don is just to Don and he only knows how to be him. Affable, ridiculous, straightforward Don.

I found myself guffawing aloud during many parts of this book. I saw the arrest coming (which one, is really the question!), but the thing about Don Tillman is you can see it coming and he can't. That's what makes it so entertaining and also so face-palming at the same time. He is so genuinely earnest in everything he does that it just makes me want to reach through the pages and give him a big hug and thank him for trying.

I couldn't recommend this pair of books more highly. It's not at all a wonder why the original was so successful, and I do hope that this sequel finds just as much success. It's rare that a follow up is just as entertaining and lovable as the original, and Simsion has achieved this by leaps and bounds. I hope there's a third coming in a reasonable amount of time, because I can't wait to watch Don raise his child and see all if the insanity that comes with it.

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