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Saturday, January 17, 2015

This Weekend I Bloggiesta!

Today I begin my first Mini Bloggiesta. My list of things to do is below, and I will be coming back to this post to cross things off as I go. Shall we get started?

My To Do List:
  • Finish back reviews for Spring semester posting (for the record, this was 8 posts!)
  • Design a new header/logo for the blog
  • Insert said logo into the blog
  • Do two mini challenges
    • How to Piktochart (infographics!) (See below!!!)
    • Optimizing email signups on the blog (After close review I am putting this off since I am using Blogger and it's a bit different than Wordpress in this way.)
  • Add an "About Me" page (I even managed to update my blog with tabs)
  • Participate in at least one Bloggiesta Twitter chat
Now that we are up and at 'em, I am adding a few more things to do:
  • Fill out a submission details tab that lists what books I review and how to contact me (I even set up a new email address to accept reviews. Getting fancy all up in this joint! Head over to the submission tab to check it out.)
  • Fill out a Guest Bloggers tab with my (one for now) guest blogger's bio

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