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Friday, February 27, 2015

After I'm Gone: A Novel

I need to read more of Laura Lippman's books because she is one ridiculously good storyteller. This is After I'm Gone

Felix Brewer and his wife, Bambi, live the life. Felix's business, whatever that is, is going well and as long as Bambi doesn't know the details she is fine with it. That is, until Felix disappears one night to avoid jail time. He is never heard from again -- until his mistress, Julie, is summoned to join him. Julie is found murdered years after. A detective picks up the cold case 26 years later on a hunt to find out what happened to the mistress. As he digs deeper, he finds a devastated and bitter family that shows no love lost for their patriarch's dead mistress. Is one of them the killer?

It's hard not to be a lover of books and NOT be a Lippman fan. She has such an incredible way with her nuanced characterization and fluid storytelling that it just carries me away on a sea of prose. She creates such honestly real characters, so much so that they are people that I feel like I know. Whether it's the long-suffering wife, or it's the wronged mistress, I can identify with each and everyone of them. When they go to battle with one another, it's frighteningly real and heartbreakingly truthful. Did the wife killed the mistress? You will find out, but you'll have to read all the way to the end.

That's the thing about the end of Lippman's books. You think you may know what happened, but the truth is you have no actual idea. The end will surprise you, even if it doesn't shock you. It's so carefully thought through and well written that you feel like you end up thanking her even as you get no real conclusion. Each and every moment of the story is so wonderful and on point.

For purchase below.

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