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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Seven Wonders: A Novel

History! Intrigue! Anthropology...? Yes! Fascinating and fun. This is Ben Mezrich's Seven Wonders.

Respected mathematician Jeremy Grady is murdered in his lab on campus one night, and in a way that leaves few wondering if it was a well-planned hit. His twin brother, renowned anthropologist Jack Grady, has a suspicion after looking at the last thing Jeremy was working on: a bright, shining pattern in the Wonders of the World, ancient and new. Serpentine, almost. Jack sets out with his team to investigate what his brother could have found, and he soon discovers an ancient, concealed connection between the wonders of the world -- and his own research -- that will change history as we know it. 

I will start out this post by saying that this book, while not being one of the best written I've ever read, was entertaining. I like to get that out of the way, because that's the general feeling I had after finishing this book. As some of you may or may not know (okay let's face it, most of you guys have no clue) I was a Classics major in undergrad. I have a special affinity for anything related to mythology, secret societies, anthropology, and, obviously, psychology. I have always loved history, so I was super interested in this book when I had an option to pick it up at BEA. I have also read some of Mezrich's work previously, so it was kind of a done deal.

This book had a really interesting premise, with the seven wonders and an historical connection to an ancient secret society. It was really interesting to follow Jack through the story, knowing that the and would be only slightly predictable but still terribly interesting. I particularly loved the scenes that took our characters to the modern seven wonders of the world, and I appreciate Mezrich's focus on detail in these places. Also let his imagination when it came to having to dig deep in these places, locations where people may have never been and where they just may still be rumors. There was a love story too, but I was more interested in the woman's academic credentials than I was in her beauty or sexual attraction.

Overall, I was entertained and had fun with this book. It was good for a snowy weekend in this winter, and I was able to get lost in the history for a bit.

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