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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

If You Were Me and Lived In...Greece and Australia

Hey kids! I'm doing another Children's Book Week here on Sassy Peach Reads while I attend Book Expo America 2015. I will be tweeting live (@niccilor) and I will do a roundup post this weekend on all the cool stuff that happens at this monstrously awesome annual event. 

More countries! I could squeal with glee. Not a joke. I love the If You Were Me and Lived In... series by Carole P. Roman. We start today with Australia. 

Is there a human being on earth who would pass up a trip to Australia if offered one? I should think not. It's a dream trip for me, but it will need to be for at least two weeks, as the flight is super long. The Great Barrier Reef, discussed in this book with an astounding illustration, is on my list and I don't even like fish. The representation in this book, though, is really lovely and fun. There is also a discussion of vegemite, which is popular in the country, of which I might try when visiting. When in Rome, eh? Or shall I say, when in the southern hemisphere?

I am also well aware that our winter is their summer, so I want to head there in January. Especially this January, because oh em gee. It's heinous here in New York right now. One new thing I learned from this book is that because Australia is its own continent and is isolated from other countries due to the ocean, the culture of native Aborigines stayed consistent until only 300 years ago (as opposed to the 40,000+ they had already been there). Wow, huh?

Now we are moving northward to Greece, another must-visit on my travel dream list.

Ah, the cradle of western civilization. I was a classics major in undergrad, did you know that? It was a phenomenal education. I have always wanted to go to Athens specifically, but Greece as a whole. I particularly love the pages on the Parthenon, and how Roman used an actual picture with two children visiting as opposed to illustrating. It is a beautiful sight in the book. The discussion of food in this book was particularly appetizing, as I love stuffed grape leaves and tzatziki.

My favorite new fact? School is called sklayoh. Pefection.

You can find previous books in the series I have reviewed here, here, here, and here.

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